TotalCG.com is an online ecommerce community focusing on various styles of user created digital art. The site was first established in December 1st 2011 as a consolidation from a previous long running art communities a singular domain consisting of additional subdomains that focus on each aspect of the collective group.

totalcg.com - being the primary portal that concentrates on the vendor portion of the community which is a free multi-vendor cart solution that presents vendors their own ability to manage their online products and sales.
forum.totalcg.com – Community portion of the site featuring all vendor and member blogs and discussion groups
gallery.totalcg.com – Containing vast collections of user submitted art work from both 2D and 3D composed works.
freelance.totalcg.com – The job and contracting portion of the community that provides a solid workable area for artists and designers to either coloborate, contract, and bid for service requirements by 3rd party requirements.



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