TotalCG Market Place Policy

Product Submission – Basic product submission will consist of the downloadable product, documentation, and images that are submitted to the site staff and posed on your behalf. The basic vendor does not have direct access to make changed to the product but can request adjustments as needed. Premium and VIP vendors can also utilize this service but have direct access to their products and can make changes via their vendor portal. There is no additional charge for posting a product or making changes that vendors request to site staff.

Product Support – The site staff is not responsible for product support. The vendor will be responsible for all support on the products they create for sale. This includes technical support that falls under the qualifications of the vendor and the product they created. Site staff will assist if possible.

Return Authorization – This is managed by the vendor of the product. Products produced by TotalCG for direct download will not be returnable. All products produced bu TotalCG will be thoroughly tested against several systems and notification will be posted with the product of any limitations. 

Product Sizes – There are no limits place on product sizes. If the product is CD or DVD size then it must be properly compressed and the site staff will assist with posting of the. Having all products available for direct download is a convenience to the customer and the site itself. This also avoids shipping cost to the vendor as well.

Shippable Products – We are not geared to deal with this solution. In the future we may but at the moment we are strictly electronic distribution.

Taxes – Vendors are 100% responsible for all taxes pertaining to their own products and sales. The site will not assume responsibility nor will we retain any information about your tax requirements. Taxes are based on your payout commissions and not the totals of your product

Quality Control – Initially the vendor is responsible for their own quality control on their products. This pertains to the vendor’s product formatting, quality of content, and ease of use. The site staff is not responsible for the quality of your product contents such as images, code, or such. Vendors are expected to address issues with their product as soon as they are notified. Products that are being corrects will not be live to avoid customers purchasing defective items.

Product Removal – Items that are gaining considerable complaints from customers will first be brought to the attention of the owning vendor to address. If the product is very low on quality, defective, or if the product does not match current standards, the vendor will be contacted to correct or remove.

Version Control – Products that have been updated and or changed will replace older products. This is an initial action towards singular items for sale. If vendors want to have multiple versions of a file bases on version or modifications, this can be provided for as well.

Multiple Vendor Products – In the case of a product developed by a team of vendors, the product will be posted under a generic house account. Credit and linking will be applied to each of these products. Proceeds for sales on products of this nature will be manually applied based on vendor approved percentage to participating vendor accounts.

Vendor Disputes – Vendors who have grievances with other Vendors or community members over any issue will be required to file the dispute in the provided forums. This alternative we would like to abide by which would provide the site staff the ability to properly arbitrate the issue fairly. Unlike other sites, we want to promote more of a positive and productive community. Informal resolution will be our first choice as a course of action on any dispute. We are not in the habit of killing accounts and asking questions later. This does not apply to our freelance area of the site which is totally competitive.

Commission Payouts – Payouts are based on $50 or $100 transfers. We are making a consideration to additional cost with merchant providers in this concern or to vendors with different services. The payout amounts are not permanent and may change depending on merchant rates or if the site changes merchants. Payout amounts are also based on community demand and vendor preferences. Our stance is if it is feasible, we will try to accommodate to meet the needs of our vendors. Payouts arrangements are agreed by both vendor and staff upon initial setup, and is tailored to the vendor’s conditions.

Licensing – Licensing is left as a responsibility of the vendor and their products. The site will have its own licensing for items and products that is promoted by the site itself. A template for vendors will be provided in which they simply apply their names in the given areas if they chose to utilize it. Initially we would prefer for the license to be displayed online with the product along with any additional documentation.

Product Instruction Files and Read Me’s – In most cases these files are included with vendor products but we do encourage vendors to place them online. The site has this provision available to all vendors for them to post online as pages and we encourage doing so. Posting your files online promotes your product and makes it easily accessible to the customer before and after purchase.

Product Compatibility – We highly encourage vendors to develop their products for multiple platforms. This will certainly increase the sale potential of the product if the buyer happens to be on a different operating system. It is not expected for all vendors to have separate resources to test their products on but we do encourage testing with other vendors in the community. In the future we will provide resources and or services for vendors to test their products before posting.

File Formats – The most typical formats commonly used would be either zip or rar formats. We will also allow for other formats

Adult or Mature Products – These items are allowed for sale but not allowed for advertising in store or community. A separate community will be available for those wishing to display full unrestricted mature content outside of the main site. Items such as genetalia, outfits, toys, flash games, content, apparatus, poses or animation, are considered as mature. Mature related items will have their own sub-section for posting in the market place. There is zero tolerance towards items that are even slightly related to underage nudity or pedophilia. If you are unsure about an item or product, please send it to the staff for evaluation.

Live Product Support Chat – This is an available feature for vendors to quickly resolve issues with customers. The support that is a future item that will be implemented for multiple vendors on their products as well as site staff.

Email Lists – At no time will TotalCG engage in the sale or distribution of member lists and emails to 3rd party entities. Members of TotalCG will receive emails in the form of a newsletter that will not be distributed with any greater frequency than a monthly basis. Exceptions will be made for support and outage notices.

Product Promotions – Very important for our premium and vip vendors! When posting a product you must ensure that you include detailed titles, descriptions, tags, and keywords for your products. The site cannot guarantee you anything but we want to ensure that your product has the maximum potential for exposure. If you have additional resources for getting your product linked via social networking, this is also a recommended strategy. All items discovered or new rules that are implemented will be interpreted and posted in the community for vendor reference. The site staff will handle these functions for basic vendors along with regular site promotions. All of your products and posts on the community will be promoted by the site automatically to the major social networks but is it recommended to all vendors to take it the extra step.

Product Images – For promotional reasons, all images of a product must be posted with the name of the product along with the vendor’s name and the site’s domain. This will make image file names quite long but it is necessary for the product to be found both internally and externally. This is a necessary item to vendors as it benefits you with making your product easily found. For instance, and image named: 9e9ae4f56b4308200840ac87027a7d32.jpg will be very difficult to locate. The following format should be used “product-name_vendor_TotalCG.jpg” for multiple images use numbering in the image name like: “product-name_vendor_TotalCG_001.jpg”

Image Files – The site will not allow for BMP format images and ask that all vendors stick to JPG, GIF, and PNG formats for their products. Image counts should be 10 and under per product. Image sizes should be no more than 800px in width and in height. Description images must only be 800px in width. Changes will be required if vendor images take too long to load when viewing a product. The staff reserve the right to relocate the images to alternate storage as we see fit. This will not affect your product presentation in any way.

Copyright Infringement – In the event that TotalCG is contacted about violations from vendors that indicate copyright infringement, the contacting party will be required to outline which products and time frame for required for resolution. In most cases the product will be immediately disabled or removed, and the vendor will be notified of the action. In instances like this we want to be totally fair with the vendors and unlike other sites where we just take action without your knowledge. We reserve the right to perform this action so that the site and other vendors are not affected, and remain complaint and clear of any legal action. All vendors are 100% responsible for all material they post. All vendors are not expected to be fully knowledgeable as to when they are violating a copyright. Contacting party’s information will be supplied to the vendor in question as a provision for if the vendor wishes to challenge their claim. If it is the decision of the vendor to challenge 3rd party claims, the product in question still remains offline during this proceeding, and will not be restored without written consent from the accusing 3rd party.

Revision 01- 1/27/2011