About TotalCG

TotalCG is a web-based community of multiple interests, centered on visual arts, self-promoting artist, photographers, game developers, 3d content developers, icon designers, web designers, and coders. Some of the services provided for our members consist of ecommerce, forum, blog, art gallery, free downloads, job posting, and product reviews.

Our History
To a very limited number of members who have been a part of the community from the very beginning, TotalCG.com is a thriving rebirth of Animexhibit.com, a small web-based community of anime art fans. Animexhibit.com was founded in 2008 by three anime enthusiasts who sought to create a new experience for all anime art lovers. They dreamed of a large web-based community of many interest, and they have integrated innovative concepts into Animehxibit.com in order to promote it on the web. One of such innovations was a massive online image gallery with virtually unlimited space. It allowed any registered user to upload, store and host imagery for free. As time went on, the founding members and developers made the decision to evolve into the realm of ecommerce and education. This was driven by the various member base of the existing community to address further artistic knowledge and a potential avenue to earn income for their work. Shortly after came the birth of TotalCG.com in 2011. This allowed for additional interests in various areas of digital art and open new doors for our members.
What makes us different from other art communities? While we appear to be the smaller guys just now entering the market, we have grown rapidly using various SEO strategies. This enables our artists and vendors to be found faster via web searching rather than in-site. We feel that this is essential to our members and vendors when it comes to promoting themselves. Our mission is to become a member driven community, which basically means that our members/vendors would be the deciding factor on various levels for the future of this community.

Multivendor Ecommerce Cart – This is a newly introduced area of the site that allows a member to manage and review any products they wish to post for sale. The vendor portal offers various reporting options with respect to product activity and sales.
Unlimited Gallery Storage – This feature is one of the primary attractions of our community and is available for members as a free service.
Activity Rewards – Not just a simple badge for you profile. As you comment, post articles, write blogs, post images, comment on images, link videos, you’re earning points all along the way. You can save them, give them to your friends, or trade them in for something in the store.
Member downloads – This service is also a free addition to being a member of the community, but with a unique twist. Members can earn their own commissions for their downloads from various 3rd party sharing sites like Rapidgator, Bitshare, Extabit, Turbobit.net, Depositfiles, Netload.in, Uploaded.to, BlitzFiles, and UploadBlast just to name a few. Whatever the member earns belongs to them.
Member Articles Section – Along with the various types of art, writing happens to be one of the most popular. Short stories, scripts, documentation, or tutorials can be posted freely
Member Blog – What site would be complete without one? The member blogs are a great tool for individuals wanting to post their personal opinions
Video Sharing – Another member driven area that allows for individual posting. The community does not host any videos but provides direct linking to various streaming providers.
Job Posting and Bidding – A new section to the community that will provide members the ability to post their resumes and experience. At the same time, external sources may post jobs that pertain to the skill-sets of the community. Members will have the ability to be directly contracted or can bid for posted work.
Social Network Integration – The community is integrated with several popular social networks. This allows for our member’s activity to be automatically shared with various sites and services.